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Porsche Certified Body Shop San Francisco

Trying to find a Porsche Certified body shop in San Francisco? You’ve come to the right place. European Collision Center is an Authorized Porsche Body Repair Center specializing in both Porsche and Audi vehicles. This level of specialization gives us the ability to fine-tune our skillset and offer the very best car repair to our customers. Porsche is a unique luxury sports car brand, offering beautiful high-performance cars. A collision can do much more than take the wind out of its owner’s sails – it can be devastating. At ECC, we understand that to you, this is more than a car, and we treat it accordingly.

porsche certified body shop san franciscoWhether we’re dealing with a scratch, a dent, chipped paint, or a full panel replacement, our team is well up to the task. When you leave our shop, it’ll be like driving off the lot all over again. As a Porsche Certified body shop serving San Francisco and Burlingame, we’re held to the rigorously high standards laid out by Porsche Cars of America themselves. Every one of our auto technicians must be specially trained and certified to work on Porsches, a certification which is audited once a year and renewed regularly. All of our equipment is inspected and approved by Porsche and we only use genuine Porsche parts in our body repair.

We respect Porsche’s long history, beginning more than 65 years ago what one man decided to create the sports car of his dreams. He envisioned a vehicle embodying performance, beauty, innovation, functionality, and tradition, and the result of that vision was the first Porsche car. We stand by that vision and do what it takes to meet its expectations, from continuing our education to offering a lifetime warranty on all labor and workmanship.

You can rely on ECC to be the Porsche Certified body shop you’ve been looking for. We’re located at 190 Napoleon St, Suite B, in San Francisco and we have a second office in Burlingame. Call us at 415-649-7617 to make an appointment today. Our shop specializes in both Porsche and Audi vehicles.

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As you know the City and County of San Francisco as well as surrounding counties have requested all non-essential business to close for three weeks. Auto repair is seen as essential. We need to be here to get you back in your cars and to attend to vehicles that may be damaged during this period. Now more than ever we need our automobiles when public transit may not be the safest option to get us to our doctors, grocery stores, pharmacies and for those that are still working, to your jobs.

European Collision Center will remain open.

Please know that European Collision Center is taking every precaution for our employees and clients. We have increased our cleaning staff and on the hour disinfect all public area, offices, restrooms and lunch rooms. Employees have been issued gloves and masks and personnel disinfectant, lunches are now staggered so that our lunch room, built for 24 people only accommodates 6 at any time. All employees are monitored for any health issues and are sent home at the slightest sign of illness.

After every vehicle is repaired, cleaned and detailed then the entire interior is wiped clean with disinfectant wipes and a final wipe down is done as the vehicle is parked prior to the owners pick up.

This is a trying time but one we are all in together and together is the only way we will get though it. If you have any needs that we may be able to help with please do not hesitate to ask.

Ludwik Rutkowski & Dennis Kirkpatrick, and the entire ECC Team.